Oh my god, I was asking my mom if I could change my train tickets for Sunday instead of Saturday, because I’m having a birthday party on Friday and I don’t want to be hung over on the train, and my dad jacked my mom’s phone and wrote 

"Come on, suck it up! Just pound down a couple beers just before you head out to the train station and you’ll be fine."

and my mom said

"Ok…that was dad writing a message…not me (your mother)"

and I’m….?


Requests from livestream part one haha. 

Dave trickster is jizzy’s design haha. 

Fantastic livestream! I’ll have to start actually sitting in on those. :3





So I guess I’d better do a Dad post at last!

Thanks to Foxy for taking such amazing photos and to felixize for letting me do that to her.

And please check out Nert’s Awesome Videos too!

[Dad | Mindfang | Photographer | Videographer

Annoyed I missed the moment of pie impact in the video? Foxy didn’t, hurrah!

Bryoz got some amazing photos of you as welll….and the moment of impact ;)  

It just goes to show how spot on all our photographers are that even though it was kind of a secret what was gonna happen, they all managed to set up amazing shots! :0

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i need help




go to bed matt


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